What kind of feedback can you give? 

You have several ways to give feedback to your students, both public and private, informal or formal.

  • Annotate with inline comments: You can select text and publicly comment on just that selected text. Others can also add to your comments allowing you to have whole conversations around selected bits of text.
  • Annotate with highlighters: You can use custom highlighters on selected text. A highlighter can be a strikethrough, underline or highlight using a color (and label) of your choice.
  • Critique: This is a more formal, structured critique work of others in the class. It will appear in 'Deadlines' or under the 'Critiques' tab, and be viewable by the class (depending on your setting).  
  • Give private feedback: Sometimes, you’ll want to provide feedback that is just between you and a student. 
  • Provide general comments: In addition to Inline comments, you may also provide general, short comments on a work at the bottom of the page. We recommend you use this only if you don[t know want to require a formal critique (such as with optional assignments). 

Continue reading below to learn a bit more about each type of feedback. 

Annotate with inline comments and highlighters

You can select text in a writing response and comment on just that selected text -- much like you could do on a written manuscript. Other people can also add comments in response to your feedback or create new comments of their own. 

You will also be able to highlight the text. As an instructor, you can set predetermined highlighters for your class, but you can also make unique ones just for your use. 


Critiques are a formal, longer-form feedback system within Wet Ink. Students can be assigned a number of critiques (based on a variety of options) and they will have it appear on their deadlines as an assignment to complete. If you are using critiques in your class, you can set:

  • The number of critiques 
  • How they are assigned to students 
  • How complete critiques can be viewed by students

Please note: Assignment and Submissions can have different critique settings. 

To change your critique settings, go to your "Class Administration" and select "Critiques" from the left navigation. Click the "Critique Settings" button. 

Give Private Feedback

When viewing a student assignments or submissions , you will see a large, blue box with an 'Add Private Feedback' button.

After clicking the button, you’ll be taken to a page that include “Private Comments”. Here you can add and view private feedback.

Once completed, your students will see a similar blue box that notes they’ve received private feedback.

Provide General Comments

Everything in your class can be commented on. That includes assignments, works, critiques, discussions, etc. For example, you can comment on a critique to continue a conversation around someone’s feedback. You can also comment on answers people might have given to questions embedded in lessons.

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