Wet Ink lets you to create exciting and lively writing-focused classes with ease. This quick start article will help you learn the basics so you can get going.

Every class must be created within an organization. If you have not already created an account and an organization, sign up with our free account now. (You can run one 4-week group class for up to 8 students at no cost to you.) 

Create your first class following the steps below: 

1. Create a new class. 

If you are just creating a new account, this wizard will appear during the account creation process. already have an organization, you can create a new class by going to the 'Classes' tab and selecting '+Create new' under the 'Not-running classes.'

2. Complete the questionnaire to create your class. 

  • Name your class and choose your class type. Wet Ink offers three class structures: Group (for multiple students, with or without lessons or an instructor), self-paced classes (single student), and one-on-one mentorship (single student and one instructor). Group classes are the most commonly used at Wet Ink.
  • Choose whether the class has lessons, how many and how long they will last. 
  • Name each lesson and provide a brief description. 
  • Click the "Finish" button. 

3. Follow the class checklist to complete your class. 

  • Edit your welcome announcement -- the first announcement that is posted and emailed to your students. 
  • Provide any class resources. 
  • Edit your lessons by adding content block, readings, and writing assignments. 
  • When the lesson content is complete -- though you can always edit it at any time -- you can start your class and enroll your students. 

You can find any class that you have not yet started under the 'Classes' tab. You can keep a class as "not-running" for as long as you need. When you start a class, it will move to 'running'. When it is closed, it will return to 'not running.'

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