There is a lot of flexibility around creating lessons for your class, depending on the need of your class. Lessons can be a rich and interactive experience for students. You can add readings, lectures with built-in discussion questions, writing assignments,  videos, and audio. 

Please note: You can start a class without any lessons in it. For example, in an in-person class, you can think of your class as a tool to connect outside of the classroom. You could use Wet Ink to manage all the assignments, critiques, online discussions, etc.

What does a lesson look like? 

Students will see lessons on the 'Class Home' on the right side, but also under the 'Lesson' tab. 

A lesson will have an 'About' section ("i" icon), and can have multiple content sections (eye icon) and writing or annotation assignments (pen icon). Content sections can have text, readings, videos, audio, and images. These sections can include discussion questions built right in. 

How do I put together a lesson? 

If you are an administrator for the class/organization, you can edit lessons at any time. Click the blue 'Edit Mode' button and you will be able to: 

  • Edit the 'About' section. You can edit the lesson description, the lesson image, and the lesson announcement. If the class is running, you'll be able to specify the dates on which this lesson opens up, 
  • Add sections to your lesson. Within each section you can add richly formatted text with audio, video, images. You can easily embed readings. To add interactivity to your lessons, you can embed questions for your students to answer right within the lesson. The more interactive the lesson, the more often students will be engaged. 
  • Add assignments for your students to complete. Assignments can be optional. You can add two kinds of assignments: Writing assignments or Annotation assignments.

Your changes will be saved as you make them. 

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