Throughout a class, students will receive several emails from Wet Ink. You can also customize the text of some of these emails.

1. Welcome Announcement

This is the first announcement students will see when they join the class. You can edit it before starting the class by clicking the 3-dot icon and updating the text the content editor. You will have the full range of editing and file options. 

2. Lesson Announcement Emails

Students will receive an email when a specific lesson goes live. The lesson "About" details (found in the Lesson Editor) includes a place to include a lesson announcement. 

3. Notification Emails

Emails that include important activity in the class. These are automatically created by Wet Ink. 

4. Weekly Summary Emails (optional)

A once-a-week email that students receive which contains a summary of class activity during that week. Instructors may add an introductory message. To set these up, you'll go to your Class Administration once the class is live. 

5. Closing Email

The email students receive when this class closes. When you close and archive your class, you will be able to edit this message. 

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