Types of Writing Assignments

There are two types of writing assignments that you can create for students.

  1. Writing Assignment: Request students to write something. You can require peer critiques, set a word count, choose if an assignment is optional.
  2. Annotation Assignment: This assignment asks students to collaboratively annotate and comment on a course reading. (You need provide the reading as text so students can use the in-line comments and highlights features.)

Adding a writing or annotation assignment to a lesson

When you are editing your class lesson, you can add writing or annotation assignments to your class. Assignments can be added to a 'Running' and 'Not Running' class. 

You'll need to be in 'Edit Mode' to add an assignment to your lesson. Click the 'Add Assignment' button. 

A pop-up window will appear asking you to fill in the type, details, and title of your assignment: 

  • Type: Choose between 'Writing' and 'Annotation.'
  • Title: A brief title of your assignment.
  • Details: The detailed text of your assignment. You can use the formatting bar to create a rich description of your assignment including uploading images or embedding videos.

Writing Assignment Options

After, you'll be given several options to select. You will be able to check boxes to: 

  • Specify Word Count: This is a suggested word count for the assignment. Wet Ink does not enforce the word count. However, it visually shows a student that they have exceeded the word count. (Wet Ink will show a green bar in the Editor which fills up as a students write their response to an assignment. his green bar above keeps filling up as a student writes. If they exceed the count, the bar becomes red.)
  • Make Assignment as Optional: Students will be asked to respond to this assignment but they will be notified that it is optional.
  • Require Fountain File for Screenwriting: Choosing this option will require students to upload a Fountain file. Most screenwriting software can export to Fountain files. WetInk will display the formatted screenplay on which the class participants can provide feedback.
  • Require Peer Critiques: Wet Ink has comprehensive built-in support for critiques. If you enable critiques for this assignment, Wet Ink will automatically ask students to create responses to this assignment. Specify the date by which students need to provide critiques.
  • Add an Image: An image is automatically suggested but you can choose from additional suggested images, upload your own, or remove the image by using the buttons below the image. 
  • Enable or Disable Questions and Comments: This space is to ask questions or comments about the assignment. It can be turned on or off at your discretion. 

If you've decided to add a writing assignment in a live class, you'll also be asked to add: 

  • Start Date: The date on which this assignment should be posted in the class. Set this to today if you wish to start this immediately.
  • Due Date: The date by which students must submit their writings for this assignment.

Annotation Assignment Options

After you complete the type, title, details, and dates (if in a 'Running' class), you'll go to a screen similiar to the one students enter assignments. 

  • On the left will be the assignment details. 
  • In the middle will be the editor, where you will past your assignment text. 
  • To complete the assignment, you will need to hit 'Save' then the 'X' to close. 

Then you'll be taken to the student view of the assignment, where you can also provide highlights and annotations. (This is the similar view to the one that students can provide in-line comments to each other.)

Adding a writing or annotation assignment outside a lesson

To add an assignment not connected to a specific lesson, you will go the 'Lessons' tab and choose 'Add Assignment.' You can then follow the same instructions as above. 

If you are adding assignments to your lessons while the class is 'Not Running,' when you start the class, these will post automatically when that lesson goes live. If you are not associating an assignment with a lesson, you will need to specify a date when you start the class.  If the class is running, you will need to choose a date when you create the assignment.

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