Wet Ink is purpose built for learning that pivots around written work from students.
If you are taking a class where students write and expect collaboration/feedback on their written work, Wet Ink can help facilitate that!

Some examples of this are Fiction, Non-Fiction, Humanities, Technical Writing, Screenwriting, History, Songwriting, Marketing, Poetry, Politics, Journalism, Podcasting, Philosophy, Business Writing, Spirituality/Mindfulness/Therapy etc

Classes can vary significantly in how they're structured.
Some classes have lessons that open over time, some are purely generative and work with assignments and peer critiques. Some have instructors while others are self-paced and managed.
It's up to you on how you would like your class to run, but here are ways that Wet Ink can be used.

Class types and how to use them:

1. Group Class

Use our Group Class format when creating your class.

This is the most common type of class run at Wet Ink. A group of students are lead by an instructor to collectively work through the class material. Students typically complete assignments and optionally go over lesson content or critique each other's work.

2. Group Class without Instructor

Use our Group Class format when creating your class. 

In typical Self-Paced classes students feel isolated and often abandon the course.
 A Group Class without Instructor offers a great alternative.
In this format, you enroll a cohort of students at the same time. These students then collectively work through the class material without any teacher. You can structure the class content such that lessons and assignments are automatically posted over time. For intermediate or advanced students you can even enable peer critiques in these classes. 

3. Class without Lessons

Use our Group Class format when creating your class. Skip the option to create lessons and just schedule the assignments for students to complete.

Often, teachers just need a space for students to interact and they post assignments as needed. In these classes, there is no lesson content for students to go over. This is typically how Wet Ink is used to support in-person classes.

4. Workshop

Use our Group Class format when creating your class. Skip the option to create lessons and just schedule staggered assignments for students. 

Workshops work around content generated by students in the class. In these classes, students take turns posting their work for the class to peer critique. 

5. Self-Paced Course

Use our Self-Paced format when creating your class. 

These classes are taken by students completely on their own. They include lessons taken at the student's chosen pace, without the involvement of an instructor or other students. 

6. One-on-One Mentorship

Use our One-on-One Mentorship format when creating your class. 

The experience in mentorship classes is all about a single student and a mentor. There is only one student in the class, who can work through the lessons at the student's chosen pace and communicate with their mentor. 

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