Start a self-paced class

You will start a self-paced class the same way that you do any class. You would go to the class and click "Start Class' from the checklist. (The checklist in self-paced classes appear on the left side:

You can choose between "Listed" and "Unlisted." Listed will appear on the 'Classes' page under "Self-Paced" Classes. 

Invite and manage students

Once the class has been started, you can invite students and manage their enrollment from the 'Class Administration' accessed through the cog icon on the right side of the top navigation. 

Once there, through the 'Overview' tab, you can: 

  • Invite students
  • Message a student
  • Extend the enrollment of a student (Self-paced classes allow access for a certain number of days that you set when creating the class. Students will see this listed in the upper-right corner of their class.) 
  • Delete a student (Archiving the course will close the class completely, even for in-progress students. Deleting a student will only remove their access.)
  • Upgrade to a one-on-one mentorship class. (Doing this will open a new class under "Running" that includes the student and a chosen teacher. If you do not want this student to remain in the self-paced course, you should delete them after upgrading them.) 

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