Many classes on Wet Ink have multimedia lesson provided by your instructor, although Wet Ink is also used to for classes which may or may not include weekly lessons.

If you have lessons to complete, you’ll be able to view them by clicking on 'Lessons' from class navigation. 

Click the Lesson title (in green) to view the lesson content.
Not all lessons will be available immediately, these lesson titles will be shown in gray. If clicked, you will see a message letting you know when it will open.

After finding your lessons, you'll want to complete each section. You can find the sections in the left-navigation of the lesson:

  • "i" icon: this section is the introductory, "about" section of your class.
  • Book icon: this section has reading content but also likely has videos, audio, and embedded discussion questions to complete. 
  • Pen icon: this section includes an assignment. 

Here is an example of what a lesson might look like:

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