If you are taking a screenwriting class, your instructor might request that you use a Fountain file. If so, it's simple and easy to upload that file on the assignment. 

Go to your 'Assignments' tab and find the assignment. In the left hand side, you'll see a box to drag-and-drop a file or you can click to upload. 

Note about Final Draft FDX:

Wet Ink currently does not support Final Draft's FDX format. (We're working on adding that). So an additional step is required to convert Final Draft's FDX file to a Fountain file. 

The easiest way to do is to sign up for a free at Amazon StoryTeller https://storywriter.amazon.com/ Once you do that, follow these steps:

  1. Import your Final Draft FDX file
  2. Export to Fountain
  3. Upload to Wet Ink

We apologize for these inconvenient extra steps! We're hope to release support for FDX files as well soon.

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