You can update any existing writing assignment within your class at any time. To do so, navigate to your assignment either from the 'Assignments' tab or within the associated lesson. 

Edit from Lesson View

Go to your lesson and then click 'Edit Lesson.'

You will then be able to edit your assignment in the lesson editor view. You will be able to edit or mark:

  • Assignment text/content
  • Assignment image
  • Word count
  • Optional or not optional
  • Require Fountain file
  • Edit start and due dates
  • Require peer critiques
  • Assignment comments enabled or disabled

To change the title, you would do so in the left navigation.

Edit from Assignments View

Go to your 'Assignments' tab and then click the 3-dot icon and choose 'Edit Mode.'

Here's you'll be able to make the same changes as in the Lesson View. 

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