Wet Ink allows you to select text in a writing response and comment on that text -much like you could do on a written manuscript.
Other people can also add comments in response to your feedback or create new comments of their own. 

In this article:

  • Provide general comments
  • Critiques

Provide General Comments

Everything at Wet Ink can be commented on. That includes assignments, works, critiques and discussions. 

Provide feedback by using inline comments and highlighters.

As an instructor,  you can set what highlights are for you to use and which are public. 


Critiques are a formal, longer-form feedback system within Wet Ink.

Students can be assigned a number of critiques and they will have it appear on their deadlines as an assignment to complete.

Instructors can also provide critiques, and will see critiques in your 'Deadlines' also. 

Learn more about critiques settings

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