What kind of feedback can you give? 

You have several ways to give feedback to your students, both public and private, informal or formal.

  • Annotate with inline comments: You can select text and publicly comment on the selected text. Others can also add to your comments, allowing you to have whole conversations around selected bits of text.
  • Annotate with highlighters: You can use custom highlighters on selected text. A highlighter can be a strikethrough, underline or highlight using a color (and label), of your choice.
  • Give private feedback: Sometimes, you’ll want to provide feedback that is just between you and a student. 
  • Provide general comments: In addition to Inline comments, you may also provide general, short comments on a work at the bottom of the page. We recommend you use this only if you don't know want to require a formal critique (such as with optional assignments). 

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