Every instructor and every class can have different needs around critiques and feedback. Wet Ink offers you a variety of built-in options on how critiques can be assigned. 

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  • Require Peer Critiques for Assignments

Critique Options


Every student will critique any submitted work. For example, if you have 10 students completing an assignment, every student will have 9 critiques to write.
If you are staggering the assignment schedule, this setting will ensure the entire class responds to that assignment (much like a traditional workshop).

Every submitted assignment will receive a certain number of critiques; the number is up to you.
The total number of critiques will be split up among the students and ensures that all students receive a critique on their work.
Our system chooses students in a way so that an even workload and varied student pairings are ensured.  

Cohorts: The instructor will divide students into cohorts and students will only critique others in their cohort. These cohorts can be managed and changed at any time in class administration. You can move the students and/or create new cohorts at any time. 

Students Pick: (assignments only): Every student is required to complete a certain number of critiques; the number is up to you. Students, however, can choose which pieces to critique, so it does not guarantee an even number of critiques given to each completed work. 

Require Peer Critiques for Assignments

When you create an assignment, you have the option to require peer critiques for the assignment.

1. Find the Require Peer Critiques option and check the box. 

2. You can set a Critique by date that is separate to the assignment due date.
For example: You may want to set this for a week after the Assignment is due, giving students time to read over each other's work before writing a critique. 

3. Set your Critique Distribution options.

4. Set your Critique Visibility:

Locked: Critiques will only be available after the due date.
Open: Critiques are available as soon as they are written. 

💡Tip: You can edit these at any time by using the three dots to enter Edit Mode.

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