Sometimes, you may have students within your class that are not writing critiques. Docking them ensures that they're not asked to critique and others are not asked to critique their work.

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Dock students from critiques

1. When creating an assignment, find the Require Peer Critiques section.

2. Make sure that the Critique Distribution is set to Selective

✨In this setting, you can select the number of critiques each student will do. Our system will then assign students to critique each other's work - ensuring variety.
Docking students can only happen in this setting.  

3. Click the Select students to dock button. 

4. From here, you can manually select students from the drop-down, search for a student or use the dock all or dock none options. 

5. Select the students you would like to dock then click Save

📝Note: Docking students from an assignment will remove them from ALL assignments with Selective distribution. This will cause students to be redistributed for other assignments. You will be asked if you are sure before continuing. 

6. Under Pending, you will see that docked students will not have any assigned critiques.

Undock students

Undock students so that they are now able to participate in critiques.

1. Enter Edit Mode on an assignment. 

2. Click the drop-down next to Students currently docked include

3. Undock individual students by clicking their name, or click Dock none to remove everyone. 

4. Click Save.

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