You can post new announcements or discussions to your class at any point. 

  • Announcements appear at the top of your 'Class Home,' and is also sent as an email to everyone who is part of this class. Only Class Administrators and Instructors can make an announcement. 
  • New Discussions will also appear on the Class Home, but will be quickly replaced by newer discussions. Anyone can start a Discussion. 

Both appear on the 'Class Discussions' page with a label that indicates Announcement or Discussion. Both can also be commented on by students. 

To post an announcement 

1. Go to your 'Class Administration' (using the cog icon in the upper-right top navigation) and then select 'Announcements' from the left navigation.
2. Click 'Post Announcement.'

3. Complete the title and text of your announcement, then click the 'Announce' button in the pop-up window. 

To post an class discussion

Go to your 'Discussions' tab and fill in the content box at the top, and click 'Post.' As an instructor you can keep the post on top (of the Discussions and Class Home) for a number of days. 

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