You can remove people from the class at any time. You can also adjust their permissions at any time (make them a student, administrator, or teacher). 

Removing a Student or Administrator

  1. From the class navigation, go to "Participants".
  2. Locate the person under 'Students' or 'Administrator'  that you want to remove from class.  Click on the 3-dot icon next to their name. 
  3. From the options which appear, choose 'Remove from Class.'

Please note: When you remove a student, any content they have contributed to the class will remain but they will not be able to access the class any more.

Changing the Instructor

To change the class Instructor, you will need to click 'Change Instructor' from the 3-dot menu. You'll be given a drop-down menu with appropriate choices from you community. (The instructor is automatically set as the person who created the class. You can change the instructor before the class is made live as long as you have invited the person to the class as an instructor.)

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