Get to know a bit more about managing your Wet Ink Organization.
Below are a few important features that you will need to know about. 

💼 Organizations

When you first create an account with Wet Ink, you'll need to create an organization.
Unless you have been invited to an existing team

Each Organization can have multiple classes, communities and members. 

Learn how to manage your Organization's team.

 💳 Subscriptions 

Each Organization has it's own subscription.
Subscriptions can be billed monthly or annually based on your needs. 

✨ Wet Ink also offers a free subscription for those looking for more casual use.

Read more about our pricing.

🙌 Memberships

At times, Students and instructors may be part of multiple organizations.
Users can switch between memberships to work in the organization they need. 

Learn how to find and switch between organizations.

🏫Classes and Communities

Within an Organization, you can create a number of classes and communities (based on your subscription). 

When a new class starts, a community for that class is all created to give all members of that class another way to communicate and creat an engaging learning environment. 

Start a Class
Create a Community

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