All of your classes are conveniently located under your organization's Classes tab.

On this page you will be able to create, edit, view, and start your classes. 

In this article:

  •  Classes - Running 
  •  Classes - Not Running or Recently Archived 
  • Classes - Upcoming 

Classes - Running 

These can be found in the "Running" section of your classes page. 

1. Enter a class by clicking on the Go To Class button.

2. Click the three dots to clone the class or go to the class administration where you can view:

  • Student Overviews
  • Announcement and email settings
  • Class Settings - enable grading, class discussions and revisions. 

Classes - Not Running or Recently Archived

Not Running

This area will hold all of your classes that are new and being created, as well as classes that have ended. 

💡Tip: The green circle shows your class set up completion.

  1. Click Go To Class to continue editing or to Start your Class. 

2. Click the three dots to Rename, Clone or Delete your class. 

Recently Archived

Once a class is archived, the class is returned to the 'Not Running' category.
All student contributions and content will be erased from the class, but can still be accessed under Administer Organization > Archived Classes.

You can also view recently archived classes at the bottom of the page. 

Classes - Upcoming

At times, you may want to set up a class and publish it before you are ready to begin.

This is a great way to advertize upcoming classes to existing students and is a great way to invite students to the class before it begins.

When you start your class, set your start time for a later date, before continuing. 

This will create a new section called Upcoming

Are you part of Multiple Organizations and would like to work on classes between them? 

Learn how you access your organizations. 

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