Roles in a class

Class participants can be

  1. Student
    A person participating in the class as a learner.
  1. Instructor
    A person leading the class as a teacher/facilitator.

  2. Administrator
    A person available to offer administrative support. If you want to add an "Observer" to your class who has access to everything in the class but does not necessarily participate, simply add them as an Administrator.

Send invitations

To enroll students or to invite additional instructors or class administrators, you can simply go to your 'Participants' tab of your running class. 

Here, you will see a heading called 'Invite People.' Enter as many email addresses as you want (separated by commas) and choose one of three options: 

  • Invite as students
  • Invite as instructors
  • Invite as administrators

After inviting students, you will see a roster of invited students below the invitation area. It will show each individual's link, the email address invited, the level of permission (student, instructor, administrator) and allow you to resend or rescind the invitation. You can also copy the link and send separately should there be any issues joining the class. 

Please note: After starting a class, your checklist will include an item, "Enroll Students," that will take you to the Participants tab and walk you through this process. Having a student join your class will check off the remaining item and remove the checklist from your 'Class Home.' 

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