If you're student isn't getting the invitation, there are several steps you can take to get them enrolled. 

1. Notifications from Wet Ink will come from the email address "team@wet.ink." Please ask that students save this address to a safe sender list or add to their contacts. Additionally, ask your student to check your junk or spam filters. 

2. Check the invitation that was sent from Wet Ink. Under the 'Participants' tab, where you originally invited the student, you can review their invitation. Ensure the correct email is listed (perhaps the student gave you an incorrect one). You can also resent the invitation. You can also copy their unique invitation link and send it to them in another manner. 

3. Have the student check their email preferences, if they have an existing account. They can set email preferences to receive notifications: 

  • As soon as possible (when they happen)
  • In a specified time period (between 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, once a day, and once a week)
  • Not at all

If they choose not to receive notifications, they may not receive new class invitations. 

Also, if they have an existing account in your organization, they will automatically be added to the class roster. They can find the class in their 'Classes' tab. 

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