Set up defaults for any new classes that are made within your organization.
These settings include your welcome and farewell messages, communities and instructor resources. 

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  • Access Class Defaults
  • Set Class Defaults 

Access Class Defaults 

1. From your Navigation bar, go to Organization Administration. 

2. Go to Classes > Class Defaults.

Set Class Defaults

Add Resources for Instructors -
such as example guidelines, expectations or information specific to how you run classes.

Your instructors will see this under "Help and Guides for Instructors"  section on each class home page.

Add Incoming students to your main community - This is an option to add students to both a class and a main community when they join. Students can be part of a class without joining a community. 

Customize your welcome and closing messages - add customized welcome and farewell messages that fit with your organization's overall voice and tone. 

Enable new communities for finished classes - Once a class has finished, students usually want to keep in touch or keep working together. Enabling this feature will creates an "alumni" community. This way they can stay in touch with each other and still have a connection to your organization.  

💡Tip: You can select only for classes which run for more that a week if you don't want to create communities for short classes. 

Finished setting your class defaults and ready to invite members?

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