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As you create your class, you will become more familiar of the layout ūüéČ

This article will cover the main pages of your class to help you understand and navigate. 

Get to know your: 

  • Class Home
  • Lessons
  • Assignments
  • Participants
  • Dicsussions

Class Home

'Class Home' is the central location for students to find information for the class.
Here, they will find:

  • Latest Discussion or Announcement: The first space under the class title will show the latest announcement or discussion from the class.¬†
  • Class News: Here will list all the latest activity. You can also find this under the 'News' tab above.¬†
  • Deadlines: At the upper right, this will show all of the writing assignments and critiques that are due. Students can start them right from the home screen or click on the titles to get more details.¬†
  • Class Resources: ¬†This space only if you choose to add class resources. They will also appear on the 'Lessons' tab.¬†
  • Lessons: This lists all the lessons in the class. Students can access them by clicking on the title. It will also show when a lesson is schedule to open for viewing (for classes that stagger lessons).¬†


In the 'Lessons' tab, students will find all of their lessons and descriptions. As students complete each lesson, the circle around the image turns green reflecting their level of completion. 


In the assignments tab, students will find all of their assignments, including those that were not included as part of a lesson.
(You can add additional class assignments at any time during a running class.)

From this tab you can also create staggered schedules that allow you to request assignment from single students on different dates. This is a great feature for workshop focused classes.


This page will list all people in the class, including students, teachers, and administrators. Here is also where you'll be able to invite people and manage user permissions. This is also where you can view profiles and send private messages to students.


This is where you can see all discussions that have taken place within your class. You can comment on and start class discussions, this is a more informal way of communicating with your class. 

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