You can find all your communities on your 'Communities' tab. When you create your organization, you will have one community (named the same as your organization) set up automatically. 

Manage community settings

In your community settings you can manage private messaging, weekly emails, community calendar, and community name. You can also manage the writing challenges. 

To manage community settings, you need to go to your community. You can do this from the 'Communities' tab.

From there, you'll want to go to '"Administer community." 

Enable weekly emails

Choose a day of the week from the drop-down menu. 

Disable or enable private messaging

Choose whether to allow private messages. This is enabled automatically, but can be disabled. 

Add events to a community calendar

You can add events to an upcoming calendar. This is a great place to share any online events or upcoming class registration dates. Simply click "+Add Event" and provide your event details.

Rename community

You can change the name of your community at any time. Please note that this will not change the community URL (the "short name" that you used when you created the community). 

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