Enable grading to assign scores to students for their work on assignments. 

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  • Assign Scores
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Enable Grading

1. Go to your Administer Class settings.

2. From Admin go to Settings > Grading and select enable grading

3. Control what weight is given to critiques when calculating overall scores for an assignment. 

Assign Scores

You can assign a score to student work from two places.

From a student's assignment response:

At the very bottom a student's work, you'll see a round circle that has a student score. Clicking on that will let you edit it.

Note that you also see a list of all the critiques a student wrote for that assignment. 

From Administration:

1. Go to your Administer Class settings.

2. Find the Assignments section to view all assignments. 

3. From here, you can add your grades. Simply click on the circle next to the student's name.

View Scores

1. You can view all student scores in one place from the Grades area of Class Administrations

📝Note: This is for viewing only. To assign grades, use one of the two options described above.

A student can view their own grades from Class Home where they are displayed under the Grades tab.

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