Inline comments are very useful for focusing on a specific part of the text and discussion.
However, if there is feedback that you use often (e.g. expand further, consider removing, love this etc.), you may want to save these as highlighters for more efficient commenting.

You can add highlights the same way you would add an in-line comment.
As an instructor, you can set what the meaning of the highlights, add new ones, and lock some for your use only.

Update highlights

1. On a student's response, highlight some text. Click the Highlight option. 

2. This will open up a instructor-only view of all highlights. You will be able to see features such as:

  • 🔒  Instructor only highlighters
  • ✏️  Edit existing highlighters
  • ✨ Create a new highlighter 

Here is an example of how you can use the highlighter editing tool:

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