Keep track of how many critiques your students are waiting for and need to write using our critique distribution table.

In this article:

  • View your critique distributions
  • Understanding your critique distributions

View your critique distributions

1. Go to your Class Administration

2. Go to the Critiques tab in your admin settings. 

Understanding your critique distributions

As you create new assignments that require critiques, the table will update.
This is a great way to see how critiques are being distributed and completed. 

You can see how many critiques each student has been assigned, how many they've completed and who each student has critiqued.
Beyond the "required" critiques, students can critique whatever they feel like as well, so some student may have higher numbers. 

You can break this view down by Assignment name, or All Assignments.

At a glance:

  • The columns show who is receiving the critique.
  • The rows show who will be writing the critique. 
  • Yellow means that the critique is pending
  • Green means the critique has been written.


Casey is waiting for 11 critiques.

Connor needs to write 5 critiques

Connor needs to write 2 of Casey's critiques. 

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