Your Organization Team

Your organization's team in Wet Ink can have people designated as either Administrators or Instructors

Organization Administrator

They have complete control over your entire account. Here are some examples of the things they can do:

  • Change organization level settings.
  • Access and delete all classes, communities and content in your organization.
  • Create new classes and communities.
  • Add or remove other Administrators. Instructors, Students.
  • Access class archives

Organization Instructor

They can create their own classes in your organizations. Instructors can only see classes that they have access to. They can:

  • Create classes.
  • Start and close their classes.


Participants in a Wet Ink class can be designated as either an Administrator, Instructor or Student.

Class Administrator

Has complete control over all aspects of a class. There can be multiple class administrators.

Class Instructor

Can do everything that a class administrator can do. There can be a single class instructor at a time.


A participant who is part of a class as a learner.

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