You can view your class settings under 'Class Defaults' under the organization administration. Here you'll be able to: 

  • Add resources for instructors: These will appear for instructors on the 'Class home' as they create their classes. They will not appear in the student-facing course. This is a great place to share any onboarding or organization specific policies in regards to classes. 
  • Add students to a community when they join a class: This is an option to add students to both a class and a main community when they join. Students can be part of a class without joining a community. 
  • Adjust the default for class emails: You can adjust the default language for the welcome and closing emails that are sent with each class. 
  • Create an "alumni" community for students: When a class ends, you can automatically create a community for the students of that class. That way students can stay in touch with each other and keep a connection with your organization. 

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