While all other critique assignments are automatic, when choosing "Cohorts," you'll need to manually create the cohorts. This is a simple, drag-and-drop process. Cohorts can be adjusted at any time. 

To do, you'll want to go to your 'Class Administration' and go to your 'Critique Settings.' Once you've chosen the "Cohort" option for either submissions or assignments, you'll need to create your cohorts. You'll notice a message saying in orange reminding you to do so. (Cohorts will be the same for both assignments and submissions, if you choose cohorts for both.)

Creating, deleting, and moving a cohort

  1. To add a cohort, simply press the 'Add Cohort' button below the "Cohorts" section of the 'Critiques Setting' page. 
  2. When you do, you'll see a gray box waiting for you to drag-and-drop students onto it. Students who have not yet been added will appear in orange boxes above the cohorts. 
  3. You can create as many or as few cohorts as you want, and rearrange students as many times as you need. You can choose the size of each cohort.

Students can view their current cohorts on the 'Critiques' page:

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