In the 'Critiques' menu in your 'Class Administration,' there are two headings that are helpful to understand how critiques are being distributed and see which students are being assigned to critique which students. 

Critique distribution

This section is helpful to understand how critiques are being assigned and how that calculation is completed. This will give you a clear idea of how many critiques a student will be assigned. For example:

Based on the number of assignment responses posted so far, each student will be required to write about 1 critiques. At the moment, your class has 1 assignment responses requiring 6 critiques each. So, a total of 6 (1 x 6) critiques need to be written. These 6 critiques are being distributed amongst 6 students. That's about 1 critiques to be written by each student. 

If this isn't the number of critiques you expected, there will be helpful tips on how to adjust the 'Critique Settings' such as increasing the number of critiques per assignment or assigning critiques manually. 

Load & Pairings

This is a great, at-a-glance way to see how critiques are being distributed and completed. You can see how many students have been assigned, how many they've completed, and who each student critiqued. Beyond the "required" critiques, students can critique whatever they feel like as well, so some student may have higher numbers. 

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