Typically, in online classes, students are working at odd hours and rarely at the same time. This means that on a particular writing assignment, critiques from students can come in early in the week or late. 

Some instructors prefer that all critiques be available for everyone to read as soon as they are posted. Others may prefer to keep all critiques private ("locked") until after the due date -- so that critiques are written without any influence of other critiques. 

With that in mind, Wet Ink offers these options for critique visibility:

  • Open: Students can read critiques as soon as they are posted. 
  • Closed: Critiques are blurred to everyone (except instructors and class administrators). You can choose to open them manually (each critique will need to be unlocked by a class administrator or instructor) or automatically with the options below (check the boxes to enable them): Allow authors to read critiques on their own work  (means that authors can see the feedback on their work as soon as it is posted) and Automatically unlock critiques after their due date (means that critiques will be open to everyone after the due date)

How to change your visibility settings

To change your critique settings, go to your "Class Administration" and select "Critiques" from the left navigation. Click the "Critique Settings" button. 

This will pull up the Critique Settings menu. (This menu is also shown on each assignment and submissions as you create it.)

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