All of your classes, whether they are running or not running, are now conveniently located on your organizations 'Classes' page. Here, you will be able to create, edit, view, and start your classes. 

  • Not Running: This area will hold all of your classes that are new and being created, but also any class that is may have been run at one time. As soon as a class is archived, the class content is returned to the 'Not Running' category. (Student contributions such as discussions and feedback are found in the 'Class Archive.')
  • Running: These are all the classes currently running. This includes any class that is schedule to start at a future date.
  • If you have any self-paced classes, you will find them below 'Running' under a category titled 'Self-Paced' courses. 
  • You will also find the recently archived classes here as well. 

Please note: If you are part of multiple organizations, you can access each organization through the 'Memberships' tab. Choose the 'Organization' whose classes you plan to work on, and then follow the instructions from above. 

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