Online classrooms can feel overwhelming, especially when there is a large group of active writers.
You have several ways to stay on top of class activity without being overwhelmed. 

Continue reading to see the ways in which you can stay on top of class activity.

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- Newsfeed
- Personal Notifications
- Emails

Stay on top of class activity video

News Feed

Use the News Feed to check all activity happening within your class, such as added comments, new work, critiques, responses to discussions and more!
This is constantly updating - so you will always be up to date.

This page keeps track of notifications that you have seen already and any unread notifications you have - showing unread messages in orange.

💡Useful Tips:

1. Use the arrows on the navigation bar to quickly cycle through all your unread notifications.

2. Filter your notifications by participants and by time to make sure you only see what is important to you.

3. Mark all your notifications as "read" simply click on this option.

Personal Notifications

While News Feed is great for seeing all class activity, Personal Notifications will only show activity that is directly related to you.

This can include any feedback on your work, any responses to comments you've made, lesson questions, or even private feedback from your instructor.

💡Useful Tips:

1. Click on the "bell" icon to get to your personal notifications. It will be read if you have anything new.

2. You can mark all as "read" by simply clicking on the button.

📝Note: private notifications will show you notifications for all classes and communities you are in.


Wet Ink will send you an email when you have any personal notifications. For example, if someone comments on your work or a discussion you are in.

Your instructor may also set up Weekly Summary emails - which gives you a breakdown of work posted to your class that week and new lesson reminders.

📝Note: These emails will come from - if you need to reply to the message, click on the link provided or message the participant directly. Responding to the notification email will not forward to the sender or your class.

You can set you own email preferences from with your account settings.

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