You will be asked to create your profile when you register, but you are able to update it at any time. Profile information, such as your first name, the profile image you provide, and your bio, will be visible to everyone in your class AND in every community that you are a member.

Update your profile

1. Click the account drop-down all the way to the right in the navigation bar.
2. Choose, "My Account" to view your current profile. 

3. Update information as you would like. If you leave it blank, it will not appear on your profile page. You can add or update:

  • Your name
  • Picture
  • Bio
  • Social media links

4. Be sure to click "Save."

Here is what a completed profile might look like on the 'Participants' page:

If you click on their name, you can view their profile page. When viewing a profile page, users can:

  • View name, profile image, and bio
  • View any works posted in a class or view any works posted in the community
  • Send a private message¬†
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