Adjust your email settings

Set your email notification preferences to what works for you.

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You can choose how regularly you receive notifications from Wet Ink for your classes.
These notification settings can be adjusted from within your account.

Your email notifications will apply to all organizations that you are a member. If you choose not to receive notifications, you can still stay up to date with the class. You'll be able to see all updates under Notifications and also through the class News Feed.

📝Note: Notifications are sent from Wet Ink. They will come from the email address "".

Change Your email preferences

1. Click the drop-down next to your profile picture.

2. Select My Account.

3. From the left navigation bar, go to Notifications.

4. Check if you would like to receive emails (or uncheck to stop notifications).

5. Then select how frequently you would like to be notified - as soon as possible or at a time that you have specified.

You can choose from "Group messages and no more than"

  • every 4 hours

  • every 8 hours

  • every 12 hours

  • once a day

  • once a week

📝 Additional Note: responding to these notifications will not forward to the sender or class. Use the blue link button at the bottom of each email notification to respond inside your class.

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