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Find and complete your class work
Find and complete your class work

Learn how to view and complete work within your class.

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In your class, there will usually be work for you to complete. This can be in the form of lesson material and assignments.

This article will show you how to find this work and how to complete it. 

In this article:

  • Complete your work video

  • Find and complete lesson material

  • Find and complete assignments

Find and complete lesson material

Your "lessons" are where your instructor will add course material. 

1. You can find and enter your lessons from two places:

  • from the "Lessons" tab

  • from your class home under "Lessons" 

2. Lessons that are open and available to you will be shown in green, while closed lessons will be gray. To enter a lesson, click on the title.

3. Within a lesson, you will see different sections. These sections can be made up of course material 📖  and assignments 🖋
As you work through each section, it will turn green to show what you have completed.

4. Within each section, your instructor may also choose to add readings and questions. You will need to answer all questions to have this section register as "complete".

💡Tip: At the bottom of each page, you will see a "Questions and Comments" section where you can add general questions and comments about the lesson. 

5. As you work through the lesson material, a green circle will show your progress on the main "Lessons" page.

Find and complete assignments

If your instructor requests assignments, you will need to complete these during your time in the class (unless they are marked as optional). These can be as part of a lesson, you a general class assignment. 

1. You can view your open assignments from:

  • The "Assignments" page 

  • Your "Deadlines"

We recommend checking your "deadlines" often to keep up with all your assignment due dates. 

💡Tip: Not only does this Deadlines list your due dates, but you can also start assignments from here.

2. Depending on the assignment, you should see either "Start Writing", "Start Annotating" or "Start Critique" next to an assignment.
Clicking this button will take you to the editor where you can write, edit, and publish your response.

3. If critiques are enabled, viewing the from the "Assignment" page will allow you to see how critiques will be distributed for that assignment. 

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