Within your class, there are two types of work that you might need to complete:

  • Your Lessons
  • Your Assignments

This article shows you where to find these two things.

Your Lessons

You must read and complete your lessons within the given timeframe. 

From your Class Home page you can view which lessons you are up to from the Lessons section. 

From the Lessons tab you will be able to see what lessons are open as well as upcoming lessons.

A green circle will appear around the lesson showing your progress. 

You will also find useful resources here, if provided by your Instructor. 

Your Assignments

Your Instructors may want you to complete assignments while you are in the class.
These can be within a lesson, or can be separate. 

You can find all assignments that are due under Your Deadlines  on your Class Home page. 

Not only does this list all your required work, but you can actually start the assignments from there by pressing the blue button. It will usually say start writing or start annotating based on the type of assignment.

This will take you to a page where you can write, edit, and publish your response. 

Your assignments can also be found under the Assignments tab.
This is a great place to check, as you will be able to see all assignments and who you will be critiquing if that is required. 

💡Tip: Beyond the deadlines, feel free to participate in all the other areas of your class.
You can comment on most things within your class. The more you engage with others in your class the more you'll get out of it!

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