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Wet Ink gives you options to style and format your work in a way that suits your writing.  All options can be found using our formatting bar - found at the top of each writing section.

In this article:

  • Styling text

  • Styling paragraphs

  • Adding rich content 

Styling Text 

Along with your basics - including bold, italics and underline - you have a lot of extra options! 

📝Note: Wet Ink uses a standard font for ease of reading and ease of viewing. Because of this, you cannot change the font style. 

1. By clicking "More Text" you have the options to:

  • Add strikethroughs

  • Add subscript

  • Add super subscript 

  • Change the font size 

  • Change the text color

  • Adjust the background color

  • Inline style

  • Clear Formatting (regular and advanced). 

Styling Paragraphs

Along with align left, align center and ordered lists, clicking "More Paragraph" lets you choose from:

2. By clicking "Paragraph" you can: 

  • Align text to the right

  • Align Justify 

  • Create ordered (numbered) and unordered (bullet point) lists

  • Paragraph Format (create headings)

  • Adjust line Height 

  • Adjust  line indentation

  • Create quotes

Adding Rich Content 

Not only can you add links and images, you can add much more by clicking the "More Rich" button. 

3. When selecting "More Rich", you'll have the options to add: 

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