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How do I switch between memberships?
How do I switch between memberships?

Learn how to navigate to your different organizations on Wet Ink.

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Many organizations use Wet Ink for their online classes. It's possible that you'll be part of several organizations. 

Once in an organization, you'll see all the classes and communities that are associated with them.  

In this article:

  • Choose your Organization

  • Switch between Memberships 

Choose your Organization

When you sign in, your organizations will be listed on the Wet Ink home page. 

1. Select the organization you would like to enter. 

💡Tip: Organizations can offer multiple classes and communities. To access these, use the 'Classes' and 'Communities' tabs within the organization's page.

2. Under the "Classes" tab, you'll see all the classes you're enrolled in. Select a class by clicking the Go To Class button. 

3. You'll be taken to your class home page. 

Switch between Memberships

You can only view one organization at a time.
If you would like to view another organization - for example, if you're taking two separate courses, you can do so by switching between organizations. 

1. While in an organization click the "Memberships" button in your navigation bar. 

2. This will take you back to the home page where your organizations are listed. Select the organization you would like to enter next.


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