Wet Ink allows you to select text in a writing response and comment or highlight just that selected text -- much like you could do on a written manuscript. Other people can also add comments in response to your feedback or create new comments of their own. 

Here's a quick look at inline comments and highlighters in action:

Leave an inline comment or highlighter

To leave an inline comment or highlighter, you need to navigate to the response you want to read.
An easy way to do this is to go to the "Assignments" tab.

Then select the response you want to read. 

Note: You can also find new responses in your Class News feed or under an Assignment within Lessons

To leave an inline comment:

1. Select the text you'd like to comment on. 

Do this by holding your mouse down over the section of writing.
You will see what you have selected by the change in color.

2. Click the pop-up box that says "Comment."

3. Write your message, then click the blue Comment Inline button. 

Now, it will be underlined where you left your comment. When a mouse of hovered over it, your comment will show. 

To use a highlighter:

1. Select the text you'd like to comment on. This time, click select "Highlight" when the pop-up appears. 

2. Choose your highlighter.
Note: These are created by your instructor. 

Respond to an inline comment or highlighter

1. Hover over the underlined text to see the comment. 

2. Click on the comment to respond. Note: If you're in Inline Comments mode, you can already see all the comments. 

A window will appear next to your text where you can write your own comment. 

3. Add your response, then click the "Comment" button.

View Inline Comments Mode

Inline Comments Mode lets you view the inline comments across the whole screen instead of in a side window.
This can be helpful when viewing many comments. 

To access, click "Read [number of] inline comments" - this is next to the "highlighter" icon. 

In this view you can also view comments from specific class participants by using the drop-down next to "Showing [number of] inline comments from".

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