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Use inline comments and highlighters to give feedback
Use inline comments and highlighters to give feedback

Use inline comments and highlighters to give feedback on specific lines of text.

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Wet Ink allows you to give feedback to your peers by selecting text and leaving in-line comments and highlights on that text. 

What makes this really interactive, is that other students can also comment on your feedback and add their own perspectives and thoughts. 

📝Note: This feature is not compatible on mobile devices such as phones and iPads. This also includes touch screens on laptops.
We suggest using a laptop with track pad or mouse, or a desktop computer with mouse. 

In this article: 

  • Leave inline comments and highlights 

  • View and respond to feedback 

  • View in inline comments mode 

Leave inline comment or highlights

1. On a student's response, select the text you'd like to comment on. 

💡Tip: Do this by clicking and dragging your cursor along the text. The selected text will turn orange. 

2. Select "comment" if you'd like to write something, or "highlight" to use an existing highlighter. 

3. Once you have left your comment, the section will stay highlighted. You can hover over the text to preview your comment or see the highlighter message. 

This is what it will look like:

View and respond to feedback

1. To view and respond, simply click on the comment or highlight. 

2. A chat-like box will appear on the right hand side, where you can add your own comments and scroll through all the feedback left on the work. 

View in inline comments mode 

You can view all comments and highlights in one place using the "inline comment mode".

1. Click the "eye" icon at the top of the page and select View in Inline Comments Mode. 

2.  You can see all comments that have been made on work and easily leave your own comments. Use the drop down at the top to show all comments, or a specific person. 

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