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Learn how to find and give critiques on other students' work.

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You can give feedback through general comments, in-line comments and highlights and critiques.
Critiques are the more formal way to leave feedback for another student.

Critiques are not always required and you will be notified when they are part of an assignment.

In this article:

  • Find if your assignment has a critique request

  • See when it's your turn to critique

  • Start writing your critique

Find if your assignment has a critique request

1. From the "Assignment" page, you will be able to see if critiques are required for each assignment. 

2. Under the assignment's details - check for a critique note. This will tell you if critiques are required and how many you will need to write. 

3. Depending on how your instructor has set up the assignment, you might be split into critique groups. For these assignments, you will be able to see who you need to critique and who is critiquing you. 

See when it's your turn to critique

Your deadlines area will continually update with new assignments and tasks. Check here to see when you need to critique. Once the student you are critiquing has posted their work, this area will let you know it's your turn to write.  

💡Tip: You will be able to tell a critique by the "start critique" button. 

Start writing your critique

There are a few ways to start writing a critique:

  • From the "Your Deadlines"  section on your home page. 

  • From the student's response. 

From "Your Deadlines":

1. Click the Start Critique button. 

This will open the editor where you can write your critique - start writing your critique here. You can preview, save as a draft, and post when you are ready. 

💡Tip: The text you are critiquing will be visible on the left, so you can to refer back it at any time. 

From the student's response. 

1. Go to the "Assignments" and view the student's work by clicking on the title. 

2. This will take you to where you can read the response. At the bottom of the page, click "start critique".

3. You can now add your critique here. 

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