At the end of the class, you will receive a "Class completed" email. This email will contain download link.

Your download will include all the work you submitted to the class, any feedback and comments you received on that work, all of your private messages and class discussions from the "Discussions" page.

πŸ“Note: It is up to your course provider to include lesson content in this download. Please ask your instructor if this will be provided.

In this article:

  • Access your download

  • Extracting an HTML file

Access your download

1. Open the "class completed" email and click the Download button at the bottom of the message. If you are signed in to Wet Ink already, using this link will start your download automatically. (You can go down to "Extracting your file").

2. If you are not signed in, you will be taken to the Wet Ink home page. Sign in to Wet Ink and go to your "Classes" page as usual.

3. Go to the "Past Classes" section.

πŸ“ Note: Your downloads will be available for up to 3 months after your class has closed, or until it is removed. Administrators may archive/remove this at any time.

4. Click the Download My Content button.

5. Select if you would like to download the file as a PDF or HTML file. Then click Download.

πŸ“ Note: You will only be able to choose the PDF option if downloading from the "Classes" page once the class has been archived.

Extracting an HTML file

1. Next, you will need to extract the HTML file from the zip file.

How to do this is specific to your operating system. Here is some information that might be helpful to you:

2. Once you have the HTML file extracted, open this file.

3. This will open locally on your computer. If you want to print, you can copy and paste your material into your own document.

What's next?

You can download a copy of your work at any time throughout your class.

Learn how to get a copy of your work at the end of a self-paced class.

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