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Attach a document file to your assignment
Attach a document file to your assignment

Easy steps to upload a file in discussions or assignments.

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Depending on the class, you may need to attach your work as a file to an assignment, or discussion. You can do this from the formatting bar in any part of Wet Ink. 

📝Note: By using this feature to upload your assignment, in-line comments and highlights cannot be used on your response.  

Upload your document to an assignment

1. Click the Start writing button next to your assignment. 

2. Select the Use Editor option.
3. Add a title for your work
4. From the formatting bar, click More Rich (shown as the +).
5. Click Upload File (shown as the folded piece of paper). 

6. Click the box to select from your computer or drag and drop your document. 

7. Click Post to submit your work.

💡Tip: Although this article shows you how to upload a file to an assignment, you can upload a file wherever you see the formatting bar.

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