Self-Paced Class

Self-paced classes will include rich lessons provided by an instructor to be taken at your own pace, without involvement of an instructor or other students. 

Your lessons can be found on the 'Class Home.' The green circle indicates how much you’ve completed; a full circle means you’ve completed that lesson.

Embedded Questions

You will be given an opportunity to answer questions embedded within your lesson.  Though you will not receive any additional feedback on your answers from instructor,  some questions might offer feedback built in.


If your lessons have writing assignments, they will also appear within the lesson. To respond to a writing assignment, simply click on the blue "Start Writing" button. 

You must enter a title and content. Be sure to use the "Complete" button to complete the assignment and share your content. If you wish to work on it at a later time, you can select "Save Draft" to complete later. Note that your assignment button will now be a green "Continue Writing" button.

To get the most out of your class, we recommend completing all your questions and assignments.. At the end of a class, all of your work, including answered questions and submitted assignments will be sent to you in an archive -- an HTML file. 

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