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Introduction to self-paced courses
Introduction to self-paced courses

Complete lessons and assignments while you have access to the class.

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For Self-Paced courses, you will work through the material at your own pace without any interaction with an instructor or with other students. 

This can be daunting so, we've made this article to cover what you might expect in a self-paced class. 

In this article:

  • Class Home 

  • Completing lesson material and assignments

Class Home 

Everything you need for a self-paced course will be found on your "Class Home" page. 

From here you will find:

  1. Any class resources added by your course provider.

  2. Class material you need to work through. 

  3. A countdown of how many days you have left in the class. A green line across the top of the page will also show your overall progress. 

Completing lesson material and assignments

All your class material will be added to "lessons" - work through these at your own pace.

1. To enter a lesson, click on its title. 

2. Within a lesson you may have different sections to complete.
These sections can be made up of course material 📖 and assignments 🖋
Working through these sections will contribute to the progress bar at the top of the page. 

3. You might also find that there are readings and questions added to lessons. You will need to complete each question in order to be marked as "complete". 

4. For assignments, click start writing to begin writing your response. 

5. You can save your work as a draft and preview. When you are ready, simply click Complete to submit your assignment. 

6. As you work your way through the lessons, a green ring around it will show your progress for that lesson. 

💡Tip: At the end of the class, you will be able to download all the work you did along with the course content. This way, you can come back a refresh your memory whenever you like. 

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