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This article will cover the main pages of your class and how to use them, to help you understand and navigate around your class. 

Get to know your: 

  • Class Home
  • Lessons
  • Assignments
  • Participants
  • Discussions

Class Home

Class Home is your main dashboard. This is where you have an overall view of your deadlines, class news, class resources and more. 

Need Help? 

You will find helpful resources under the Need Help? section.
From here you can:

  • Take a tour of the class
  • Read the student guide and FAQs
  • Contact your Instructor or the Organization
  • Get Technical Support 


This is where you will find all your lessons and their descriptions.
As you work through the lesson, the circle will reflect your progress by turning green. 

You can also access your class resources from here. 


View all your upcoming and due Assignments.
This is where your instructor can also add assignments that are not part of lessons.
So it's best to check here now and again! 


See the other students in your class and your Instructor. From here you can view their profiles and send private messages. 


This is where you can participate in class discussions, start a discussion and read announcements made by your instructor. 

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