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Introduction to group classes
Introduction to group classes

Easily navigate and understand your class.

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Welcome to Wet Ink - join your class and get started

Once you've signed in, you will have access to your class material.

This article will cover the main pages of your class and how to use them, to help you understand and navigate around your class.

In this article: 

  • Get familiar with your class video

  • Class Home

  • Lessons

  • Assignments

  • Participants

  • Discussions

Get familiar with your class 

Class Home

The "Class Home" is your main dashboard. This will give you an overview of your class space and activity.

Take special notice of these areas:

  1. Deadlines - this will show all open assignments and when they are due.

  2. Discussions and Announcements - announcements can only be made by your instructor and will be shown in orange.

  3. Class News - this will show you the most recent activity within your class (this updates often). 

  4. Need Help? - use this section to take a tour of the class, read the student help guides and FAQs, contact the organization or your instructor and get technical help from the Wet Ink team.


The "Lessons" page will show you any class material your instructor would like to you work through. 

Things you should know:

  1. Lessons that are open will be shown in green - you can start working on them. If a lesson is gray, you will need to wait for it to open to continue. Click on the lesson title to enter. Once you begin working on a lesson, a green circle will appear around the lesson image, showing your progress. 

2. This page also lists any class resources that your instructor has added.

💡Tip: You will notice on your home page that there is a "lessons" section. You can use this to enter each lesson directly.


Under "Assignments" you will find all open assignments requested by your instructor.
Assignments can be part of lessons, as well as separate, general assignments. Both types will be shown here.

Things to note:

  1. Assignments are listed by due date. This means that the assignment with the farthest due date will be at the top. Use the top assignment list to jump further down the page. 

  2. There are two types of assignments "writing" and "annotating".  The blue button next to each assignment will let you know what kind it is - click this button to begin your response.

  3. For writing assignments, critiques may be required. This will be shown in the assignment description.

  4. You can ask questions about assignments, or make general comments, by using the "Questions and Comments" section. 


From the "Participants" page, you can see all other participants in your class. Students, Instructors and Administrators.

From this page you can:

  1. Message your instructor. 

  2. View another student's profile and send them private messages. 


From the "Discussions" page, you can participate in, and start conversations with your class. 

From this page you can:

  1. Use "start a conversation" to begin a new discussion.

  2. Participate in ongoing discussions  by adding comments.

  3. Go back and see older discussions that are not shown on the Class Home. 

💡Tip: Use the "@" symbol, then start typing another student's name to tag that student in your conversation.

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