Create new revisions of your work even after you have published it. This is a great way to add extra details, take on feedback and continue with your work, without losing earlier versions. 

In this article:

  • Create a revision
  • Compare your revisions
  • Delete Revisions

Create a revision 

1. Under Assignments, click the work you would like to revise.

Note: There will be a message saying that you have already responded to the assignment. 

2. Click the "New revision" button.
This will open an editing window where you can continue working on your response. 

3. As you write, your changes will appear under the "Show Changes" tab.
 You can switch between the original and edited views from here.

4. Click "Save" to add the new version of your work.

View and compare versions

1. View different versions of your work by clicking the "clock" icon. 

2. From here you can switch between different revisions of your work.

Along with switching between your revisions, there is also an option to compare your revisions. 

1. Click the "clock" icon. 

2. Click the Compare Revisions button.

This will allow you to compare between your most recent version and your older ones. 

Delete Revisions

To delete any unwanted versions:

1. First, make sure you have selected the version you want to delete from the drop down list. 

2. Then, click the "trash can" icon

3. When prompted, click "Delete just this revision"

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