Make revisions for your work

Create new revisions, navigate between versions and remove unwanted versions.

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With revisions, you can create new versions of your work without editing the original submission. This is a great way to add extra details, take on feedback and continue with your work, without losing earlier versions. 

📝Note: This feature is controlled by your instructor. If you can't see this option, it has not been enabled for your class. 

In this article:

  • Create a revision

  • Compare your revisions

  • Delete Revisions

Create a revision 

1. At the top of your work, click New revision.

This will open an editor where you can write your changes.

2. As you write, your changes will show on the left. You can switch between "show original" and "show changes". 

3. Click Save to create a revision. 

4. Name your revision, then click Save Revision.

📝Note: if you uploaded a file,  you will see "upload a new revision". All you need to do is selected the revised copy and upload. 

View and compare versions

1. Click the drop-down to view different revisions of your work.

2. Select Compare Revisions to compare two of your revisions, side-by-side. 

3. Click on each revision to view versions individually.

Delete Revisions

1. Select the correct revision.
💡Tip: older versions have an orange message letting you know that you are viewing older content.

Click the "trash can" icon

3. When prompted, select Delete just this revision

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